Kocharyan G. S.


Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education


ABSTRACT - Introduction and objectives. Regressive hypnosis (RH) is based on the concept of reincarnation. It is recommended to be used when no reasons explaining appearance of existing diseases and problems in the «present incarnation» are found. It may be useful to represent that the psyche of a person absorbed in «former lives»  creates plots-metaphors after whose living and studying the patient solves the problems lying in the base of his disturbances. We used RH to eliminate ephebofilia. Methods and materials.  A 28-year-old heterosexual single woman had a sexual desire to adolescents which she realized. Males older of her age, as well as with a Caucasian and similar appearance caused anxiety. For this reason she could not enter sexual relations with them. Unpleasant smells given off by older males caused disgust in her. Her masturbation (the number of masturbation acts could reach 5-6 times a day) entailed sexual fantasies tinctured with craving for a sexual violence manifested in cultural forms: a woman-conqueror saved an adolescent and as if received a moral right for a sexual relation with him without any interest to his consent. In a hypnotic state the patient was led through 2 «previous lives». In the first one she was a prostitute. Usually she had to enter sexual relations with older males who often gave off unpleasant smells. In the incarnation preceding the previous one  she was a soldier who during military campaigns often and violently raped women. Results.  The use of RH in the patient resulted in the following stable changes: her sexual interest towards adolescents absolutely disappeared; the negative attitude to males older of her age as well as with a Caucasian and similar appearance was levelled; the intensity of unpleasant smells sometimes given off by older males significantly reduced; the rate of masturbation became much less and, besides, the fantasies accompanying it disappeared. The follow-up of the patient during 3.5 years after the treatment demonstrated stableness of the obtained results. It is important to notice that during the last year of the observation she had constant sexual relations with a man 16 years older than she was. It is not difficult to see that the events of the «previous lives» experienced in RH reflected sources of psychosexual problems in the patient. Having passed through these feelings she made herself free from the above problems. Conclusion. RH can be successfully used for eliminating a number of psychosexual problems.

Key words: regressive hypnosis, ephebofilia elimination, woman


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