Sexual Dysfunctions and Problem of Sublimation


Kocharyan, Garnik, Department of Sexology and Medical Psychology, Professor, Kharkov, Kharkov Oblast, Ukraine


ABSTRACT – Introduction and objectives. Sexual dysfunctions are considered to produce only a negative effect on labor, education, creative work. Our task was to study possible behavior changes in patients with sexual dysfunctions and, in particular, to check the above viewpoint. Methods and materials. A clinical-psychological examination of 138 males with sexual disturbances of various genesis, structure and phenomenology was made. We used oral interrogation and a specially devised questionnaire; they took into account dynamics in behavior of the patients caused by appearance of the disturbances. Results. Twelve patterns of the changed behavior caused by sexual dysfunctions were revealed. The patterns often existed not separately but in various combinations thereby fulfilling the function of one of the components. One of them was sublimation and behavior changes, resembling it in their appearances. It manifested itself by intensification of studies and social activities, absorption in work. For example, one of our patients, who even before was not considered as a bad worker, after development of a sexual disturbance improved his production showing so much that he was awarded a Gold Medal of the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy and an Order of Labor Glory. This behavior pattern could also become apparent in a hypertrophy of former hobbies or appearance of new ones, intensified cultural and scientific interests. Thus, development of a sexual disturbance in one of our patients was followed by actualization of cultural interests. He took a great interest in history: read a special anthology and monographs dedicated to lives of famous historic persons. He became to take a deeper interest in current politics and regularly read magazines discussing social subjects. He began to pay much attention to improving his professional qualification: regularly read one of the journals where articles on his specialty were published. In some cases, the activation of behavior was caused by wish of the patients to get rid of their constant obsessive thoughts about their sexual disorders. It manifested itself by striving for some activity to have no spare minute. The patients could undertake to do any work to exhaustion, as well as thrust themselves upon business trips, because new conditions and people distracted them from anxious thoughts. Conclusions. The researches demonstrate illegality of the traditional one-sided approach according to which sexual dysfunctions may cause only reduced capacity for work and depressed self-expression in any sphere of activity. As we have shown, quite often they can lead to diametrically opposite results.

Key words: sexual dysfunctions, behavior changes, sublimation


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